WhatsApp started voice calls in 2014, while video calls came two years later in 2016. Today WhatsApp confirmed that its users, more than 1,500 million active per month, make more than 2,000 million minutes a day in calls and video calls, so They hope that now with this new option their use will be promoted even more.

These are group voice and video calls, which can be made with up to four members regardless of the platform or smartphone that is being used, or if it is connected via WiFi or mobile data, since according to WhatsApp the platform will adapt automatically to each situation, with the aim of “offering a good experience to each one of the users”.

The use of group calls and video calls on WhatsApp is extremely simple, since you only need to initiate a call with one of our contacts, and then press the button “add participants” in the upper right corner, which will allow us to add up to two more contacts, for a total of four participants per call or video call.


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