Even though you have been advised and lectured to quit smoking a million times, only you know that the job is easier said than done. Technology has played a great role in reducing the harmful effects of smoking, with the invention of e-cigarettes acting as a stepping stone to helping smokers quit for good. However, although there are various online platforms through which you can purchase electronic cigarettes, sometimes having a mobile app to further aid you in cessation can be useful. Below are a few of the top apps that can do just that.

Livestrong MyQuit Coach

This app offers a personalized plan that will enable you to reduce your smoking habits. You can either quit cold turkey or try a gradual plan by taking baby steps. This app has been by approved by smoking cessation specialists after being tested and reviewed. In addition to helping you give up the smokes, the app can help you keep track of how your finances are affected by your smoking habits and you’ll be rewarded with badges for meeting personal targets. The best feature of this app is the fact that you can connect to various communities on social media sites and talk to people going through the same thing.

Quit Smoking – QuitNow

This app is all about numbers and statistics. A mathematical analysis of your smoking behavior will keep you motivated to quit smoking since it will provide you with real time updates of your progress. For example, the app will measure the amount of money that you have saved since you stopped smoking, and will display how your health is improving every day. This should help motivate you to continue.


KickSmoking is an effective app that will help you reduce your smoking habits by updating you on the beneficial consequences of your resistance. For example, it will notify you of the number of cigarettes that you have missed, the amount of money that you have saved as well as the health effects that you are (or will be) experiencing. Your smoking addictions can be easily controlled through the ‘Crave Timer’ which is a reminder of the ultimate goal that you will achieve once you quit smoking.

Quit Smoking Slowly

This app is designed for those who have a tough time with controlling their smoking habits. There is no need to go ‘all in’ since this app will guide you through a simple step-by-step process to get rid of the cigarettes for good. The app creates personalized actions depending on how many cigarettes you smoke and how fast you want to quit, to ensure that your target is met on a daily basis. With time, the app will remain red – no smoking code – for a longer time to increase your resistance time and thereby help to control your cravings.

Although group meetings and online forums are useful, only you can control or influence your behavior. So make use of these technological innovations and learn how to quit smoking to live a healthy, fuller life.


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