Echo smart speakers revolutionized the market with their new technology: the virtual assistant called Alexa, which listens to users when it detects their name and interprets messages.

But there are still sentences that Alexa can’t understand and, to do so, a team of Amazon human workers listens and analyzes conversations with users to transcribe, correct and annotate commands.

The company has always advocated that employees never obtain personal data from customers, receiving only a few audio files associated with the customer number that identifies them. According to Bloomerg, workers receive, along with these conversations, the coordinates of the location where they have taken place, making it easy to identify these people.

To make matters worse, the virtual assistant is programmed to start recording when he hears his name, although sometimes he can misinterpret it and start recording conversations in which users do not seek to address him.

Maybe saying something bad about Amazon? Be careful.

And that was not a joke.


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