It’s not an app and when you use it, it doesn’t ask you for any information.

In the age of social networking, everything is fast… ephemeral. We leave behind Faceapp, the application that turns our selfies into how we would be when we were older or younger, with controversy about privacy included, and we move on to talk about a website (this time it’s not a mobile app) that turns a photo into a classic painting.

This website is called Aiportraits and transforms our smiling selfie into an image that looks like a masterpiece of classical painting. To achieve this he uses Artificial Intelligence (AI). The tool was developed by scientists at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. So much has been its success that the web has ceased to be operational to fine-tune it again and be able to cope with so much demand.

Everyone wants their “oil painting”. There are several differences from Faceapp and all in favor of our privacy. Aiportraits is a website and therefore we do not have to load any app on our mobile. Moreover, at the time of using it does not ask us for any data. We simply upload a photo and in a few seconds we see that face transformed into a picture painted the old-fashioned way. On the web they say that the photos are sent to their servers to generate portraits: “We will not use the data from your photos for any other purpose and we will remove them immediately”.

Researchers have archived thousands of images of paintings from the history of art (some 45,000), from the Renaissance to 20th-century art. His IA has thus developed an algorithm capable of creating portraits with different styles, all based on the great masters of painting. The MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab affirm that their algorithm not only “paints” an oil face, but also generates new characteristics (it is still an interpretation of the face we climb). For this they use a “Generative Adversarial Network” (GAN).

It is striking that Aiportraits does not paint us a smile. In other words, if we upload a photo smiling our pictorial portrait will not smile. It turns out that the AI has deduced from the base of thousands of paintings from which it has learned that the great masters did not paint smiling people.


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