A website tells us how much we could make with Airbnb

There are more and more rental apartments that disappear from this category to join the world of Airbnb, opening its doors for days to tourists who come to spend a short season somewhere 100% prepared to live without having to furnish, hire services or worry about the corresponding bureaucracy.

This movement, which affects both the hotel sector and the traditional rental prices, seems unstoppable, and more and more users decide to register their flat to earn something that, in many cases, becomes the main income of the family.

Now there is a website that helps us know how much we could earn with Airbnb by registering our floor, and we can find it on eliotandme.com.

This is a project that was born in Silicon Valley to help with the task, taking into account dates, type of property, number of bedrooms, area, number of bathrooms, price of flats nearby … of course, does not consider if the floor Is renovated or not, or if it is the most beautiful in the city, but it helps to have a main idea.

The search engine, called Elliot, uses artificial intelligence to provide an initial approximation, and helps to obtain more data from the region, such as floor prices in nearby areas, city climate, times when price may skyrocket and much more .

A very useful portal that, besides free, does not require registration to be used.


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