It’s incredible, but 23 million people worldwide use the password ‘123456’ on their online accounts despite the obvious security risks. The data is provided by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

Millions of people use passwords that are no longer insecure, but simply passwords that are not. After all, a password is a secret word that allows access to something, someone or a group of people previously inaccessible. This time the information gathered by the ‘Have I Been Pnwed’ portal of the expert Troy Hunt, which collects data on access credentials shared by hackers in recent data breaches, has been analysed.

The most striking thing is that 23.2 million users around the world who have been victims of a cyber attack used as a password for their online service accounts the most common series of numbers: ‘123456’. Other frequent, and equally inappropriate, are ‘123456789’, the second most frequent, used by 7.7 million people; or ‘qwerty’, used by 3.8 million Internet users; ‘password’ used by 3.6 million; and ‘1111111’, with 3.1 million victims.

In other cases, the user pulls fictional characters such as ‘superman’ and ‘naruto’; from his favourite music group (with ‘blink182′ and ’50cent’ at the head); or from his football team (in England the most common passwords are ‘liverpool’ and ‘chelsea’). Others prefer the “padlock” of their own name.

The NCSC study shows that very often users use people’s own names, such as ‘michael’, ‘daniel’, ‘jessica’, ‘charlie’ and ‘ashley’, the latter used as a password by more than 432,000 people, to access their accounts.


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