Mobile charging is one of the biggest headaches for cellphone users, but little by little we are learning facts that allow us to tune better to get all the performance out of our terminal.

Now, a study reveals the option of using a wireless charger is not a good idea. The American Chemical Society has explained that the technology used in wireless devices creates different sources of heat that wear out the mobile battery at a faster rate, shortening its useful life.

They compared the charges of a phone using a normal, wired, wireless aligned and wireless non-aligned charger. In the first case, the mobile reached a maximum temperature of 27º C, keeping it constant. The other two methods, on the other hand, put the phone at 30.5º C, with quite a few variations, as well.

The ACS conclusion is that heat shortens the useful life of the batteries and that is why cable charging is recommended. If there is no alternative, it is recommended to charge the phone without a case.


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