The Wi-Fi Alliance announced on Monday the official certification program of the WiFi 6 standard, which will bring to the market fully certified devices and routers available for purchase.

WiFi 6, which “marks the beginning of the new era of WiFI”, is a new version that allows short-range connection and that many devices connect with greater speed and quality and get a quick response. Phil Solis, director of research at the International Data Corporation (IDC), explained that WiFi 6 will give better quality results. “WiFi 6 provides higher speeds and greater efficiency for wifi networks, expanding their role as a critical communication platform. The certification of the Alliance wifi offers a higher quality experience for all cases of use of wifi,” he said.

Solis also indicated that WiFi 6 fulfills its function through a certification program, which allows devices such as computers, phones, televisions, video games and others to connect to the Internet without problems. However, in order to benefit from this, it will be necessary to upgrade to a compatible router.

As for the details, according to The Wi-Fi Alliance, this new update seeks to increase the speeds of each connection within a network that can have up to 12 people connected at once and the maximum speed that reaches this version is 10 Gbps compared to only 7 Gbps that reached a maximum of the previous WiFi 5. This is thanks to this new modulation and encoding 1024-QAM. WiFi 6 uses OFDMA technology, which will allow us to have lower latencies in the connection. In addition, this new update, which has a wider scope than the previous one, also has BSS Color technology, assigning a different ‘color’ to each router for better identification.


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