In today’s market mobile phones tend to last around two years before customers start to encounter problems with the operating system. The lifespan of a smartphone is getting shorter and shorter so many people are looking for ways to make some cash towards their new handset by selling their old one. When you do a search engine search for “sell my mobile” it is likely you will encounter a number of results, but there are some basics that are true for any of the companies that you chose to do this with.

How it works

If I were going to sell my mobile the first thing I would want to make sure is that the process is relatively stress free. Luckily there are many websites now that take everything out of your hands. All you need to do is perform a quick search to find a company that will let you do this by post. Most of these companies will send you the packaging you need to send it on to them free, and once they receive the handset they will pay the money either by cheque, into your bank account or by Paypal.

There are different motivations for companies who buy mobile phones to recycle. For the most part they have the tools to fix the mobile phone if there is any damage to the hardware or software and they can then sell on the mobile phone for a higher price than they have paid you. There are also companies that just use the mobile phones for parts as up to 80% of a mobile phone is recyclable.

How much will I get if I recycle my mobile phone?

How much you get for your mobile phone depends on what handset you have. For the most up to date handsets you can get up to £100 on a recycling website even if it is broken. If your phone is not broken and is quite up to date then you may wish to bypass “sell my mobile” websites and sell it yourself online. For handsets that are a lot older you will more than likely get around £5 – £10 is they are in full working order. Although this does not sound a lot many of the companies that offer this service online will send you the envelope to send it in to them free of charge, so it will not cost you anything to do.

Can I recycle my old mobile phone myself?

If you do not wish to leave your mobile phone recycling in the hands of a third party company there are a number of different ways you can do this yourself. Many people are environmentally conscious and are not recycling their mobile phones for a profit but rather because it is better for the environment. There are a number of different ways you can offload your old handset ethically.


There are some charities that collect mobile phones and either pass them on directly to people who cannot afford them or use mobile phone recycling companies to raise funds for the charity.

Pass them on

If you do not want to waste your old handset and want someone to be able to make use of it then you could maybe consider passing it on to a family member or friend. Using social media is a great way to find out if there is anyone in your wider circle that may currently need a new mobile phone.

Use freecycle

Whatever area you live in there is bound to be an active freecycle website. You can use this to advertise your handset and see if anyone may be interested in using it. Using websites like freecycle and gumtree allow you to get people to come to you to look at the handset rather than you having to go anywhere or do anything to recycle it.

Sell it online

Selling a mobile phone online is probably the quickest and easiest way to get some actual funds for your old handset. You can use websites like eBay and Amazon to not only sell the handset but also gauge how much people are paying for the same handset in a similar condition.


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