Toshiba is another Japanese company that has decided to leave the PC industry. It has sold its remaining 19.9 percent stake in its Dynabook notebook brand to Sharp, officially exiting the notebook and general PC business.

While it is true that it has not been a major brand in this sector for many years (it sold its 80.1 percent share to Sharp in 2018), this latest step has been definitive, an end to a 35-year chapter in the company’s history.

The company pioneered the laptop space, starting with the 1985 T1100, and established a style that didn’t change much until Apple’s PowerBook line arrived in 1991.

During the 1990s and 2000, it advanced with its Satellite, Portégé and Qosmio lines, with the 2002 13.3-inch Satellite being noteworthy.

It is believed that everything began to fall with Toshiba’s failed bet on HD DVD, while others concentrated on Blu-ray. Then we had Apple, Dell and Lenovo competing with their ultraportables such as the MacBook Air and XPS series, while the PC market was getting smaller.

It will continue to focus on printing and storage, as well as power and retail, so it won’t disappear from computer stores.


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