In recent years, mobile manufacturers have turned to fast charging, responding to one of the great demands of the market. However, often haste or lack of foresight means that we need the smartphone to be charged in record time.

For those for whom fast charging is not enough, this list offers some tips to shorten the waiting time even further.

  1. Check the maximum power that the mobile phone supports: many terminals have a charger that does not support the highest power that can reach the phone they accompany. The best thing is to look at the technical data sheet on the manufacturer’s website and use apps such as Inware to see what power the mobile is charging at in real time. If it supports more power, try a charger that gives it to your device.
  2. Remove the protective sleeve: this trick is effective especially if the smartphone is charged in high temperature conditions. Current mobile phones have begun to have a temperature control system in their batteries, which will adapt the power of charge allowed depending on the temperature of the terminal itself and its components, reducing the speed if the mobile is too hot, and increasing it if the temperature is optimal, so removing the case can be effective to gain some speed in charging.
  3. Put it in flight mode: as is well known, airplane mode suspends all network connections. If you don’t use it during loading, times will be even shorter. If during the charging process it won’t be needed, just turn it off.
  4. Do not use wireless charging: this type of charging, which even studies relate to possible damage to the terminal, will not help you charge your smartphone faster, although it is true that it is a technology that is doing to improve in this regard.


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