Windows 10 is not the only option when buying a computer, apart from Apple MacBook with MacOS, several manufacturers have bet in recent years to offer versions with Linux distributions. This is the case of Lenovo, which will start selling different Lenovo ThinkPads with Fedora 32 Workstation as a pre-installed operating system.

In a new pilot program announced by the manufacturer together with the Fedora community, they indicate that three of their next ThinkPad laptops will be available to be purchased with Linux Fedora. This doesn’t mean that the current ones or the rest can’t be installed with Linux if desired (or both, as explained in this tutorial), but that it doesn’t come by default pre-installed if you choose with that configuration instead of Windows 10 when you buy them.

Bringing Fedora 32 Workstation pre-installed also means maximum compatibility with Lenovo ThinkPad hardware. That is, often installing versions of Linux on a PC leads to compatibility issues with certain components, something that will backfire for many users. In principle, that should not happen with one of these new Lenovo and Fedora 32 Workstation laptops.

At the moment there is not much more information about the arrival of the Lenovo ThinkPad with Fedora, but more details are promised soon. On April 28th and 29th Red Hat is holding a virtual event where we should know more about it. One question remains, for example, whether Fedora versions will be cheaper than Microsoft’s Windows 10 versions, as it is an open source, unlicensed operating system that has to be paid for.


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