HP has introduced a new 3D printer. But it is not a domestic, nor one that prints in ABS plastic, like all others. Nor is it limited to making a piece of 30 x 30 centimeters, as usual; The new HP Metal Jet 3D printer, unlike what we usually see so far, is capable of manufacturing much larger metal parts.

According to Hewlett-Packard, this printer is 50 times faster than any other method used to create metal parts; At the same time, it is much cheaper: it does not require several operators to work constantly, since printing is almost completely independent (some parts will require an operator, as is the case with the usual 3D printing).

The working method of this printer is very simple: a layer of metal powder is printed to which a chemical is applied, which is known as a binder (basically, it is a glue). On this layer of “adhesive ink” another layer of metal powder is applied, on which this time, infrared is applied to create the shape; that is, in this step the metal particles come together.

Then the binder is applied again and the processes are repeated; layer by layer until making the desired object. Once the printing is finished, the remaining dust is removed and passed to a sintering process, which is basically the equivalent to forging in the field of powder metallurgy.

The price? Something more expensive than any fan could afford: 400 000 dollars because it is not a domestic printer, but designed exclusively for the industry, especially the automobile and aeronautics.



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