Picking the right case for your next PC build is a lot more important than most beginners may think. The size you opt for will determine which components you can fit inside and where in your setup you can place your PC. The shape and orientation will determine how easy it is to build and upgrade, as well as how well air will flow through the case.

These days, consumers can choose from a plethora of different cases ranging in size, shape, features, and price. Whether you prefer aggressive, Lamborghini-esque rig holders or more subtle, minimalist styling, there’s bound to be something at your price point.

Once you’ve got the right case figured out, it’s time to look at the components that will live within. Be sure to head to Gpunerd.Com to learn more about building the right PC for what you plan to do.

Riotoro CR500

With the CR500, Riotoro has once again proven that they reign supreme in the budget case category. This versatile mid-tower case features a clean polycarbonate design with a full-sized glass window on the side, allowing you to adore your LED lighting and GPU all day long.

With tons of space, a built-in PSU shroud and sufficient ventilation, the CR500 is a great solution for newcomers to PC gaming and office users alike. Sale prices go as low as $60 brand new, allowing you to allocate more of your budget to higher quality components.

Cooler Master MasterCase H500P

The HAF series is one of CoolerMaster’s oldest and most successful line of cases, and for good reason. Just like its predecessors, the H500P features enough cooling to ensure even the most overclocked system runs smoothly. Two gigantic LED fans flank the front of the case with room for more cooling in other sections.

The H500P is completely modular and can be disassembled and reassembled with ease, allowing for maximum customizability and ease of use. A large glass window on the side can be changed up for a mesh panel or removed completely if you do so please.


No “best cases” list is complete without an entry from NZXT. With a premium steel panel design and minimalist styling, it’s clear why the S340 has remained a fan favorite for years. The built-in PSU shroud and steel cable management system keeps things as clean and organized on the inside as things look on the outside.

Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

For something truly amazing and absurd, there’s the Cosmos C700P. Featuring a futuristic, car-inspired design crafted out of the finest brushed aluminum and tempered glass, this case means business. It is fully modular and features E-ATX support, along with 420nm radiator compatibility and plenty of sinister glowing LED’s.


The case you opt for will set the tone for the rest of your PC build, so be sure to choose wisely. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for the most jaw-dropping option, don’t forget one of the most beautiful things about PCs: they can be built and rebuilt to your heart’s content.


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