During the month of July Amazon began a closed beta of its MMO, New World, which was a great success in terms of players and viewers on platforms such as Twitch, generating a lot of interest from the community that sees with new eyes a game that could be among the greats of its genre.

With this beta also came some problems, the most viral being a handful of RTX 3090 graphics cards that burned up running New World, most of them EVGA branded, which already led to suspicion that these GPUs had some kind of problem that caused their death, with Amazon releasing a temporary solution that limited the fps while we were in the game’s menus that seemed to put the graphics card to the test by having no limit and being (along with the fan control of the same) the cause of the failure.

However, the problem was actually a manufacturing defect in EVGA’s RTX 3090s, which the company itself found after testing the 24 graphics cards it received affected by this problem, and which the brand itself replaced all those affected.

An X-ray analysis to discover the defect

Among all the tests that EVGA has carried out to find the fault, the one that has allowed them to detect the error is an X-ray analysis thanks to which they have seen that all these graphics cards had a fault in the soldering of certain circuits that caused their death when they were exposed to an extraordinary workload such as the one that caused the unlimited fps in the menus of New World, so the Amazon game in this case was only the “trigger” of this fault.

According to PC World’s Gordon Mah Ung, all of the cards with this soldering flaw were from the first production run of RTX 3090s that were manufactured in 2020 so this year’s models have not been affected. In addition, EVGA has said that only a small batch of these graphics cards have this flaw, being less than 1%, although they have not specified the batch number or how gamers could detect if they are dealing with one of these graphics cards to request a replacement.


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