Summer came, that nightmare for our smartphones. Think about it: sand, salt, water, long days under the sun … Let’s see how to protect it.

Formerly one went to the beach and all you had to worry about was to bring a towel and sun cream. Today we take with us our smartphone, the one that is always by our side, the nexus of union between your group of friends.

Let’s admit a truth that happens in our day to day: we can not get rid of our phone in the “holidays.” That brings advantages and some inconveniences that can give our phone in the repair shop.

Here are the enemies.


It is ironic that a part of which our devices are made is at the same time a silent danger for them. Without realizing that sand is deposited in any small hole that is our phone. This can cause problems in the long term, besides the screen or the camera can suffer damages, scratches, etc.

It is advisable to clean the device carefully using a soft brush. If our Smartphone has a removable battery, we can remove the cover for a deeper cleaning. Above all, you have to clean the connectors, so we will avoid headaches.


Whether direct, or indirectly in the form of moisture, we must remember what is inside our phone are electronic components. Electricity and liquids do not usually get along well, so you have to worry about not getting in touch.

Excessive exposure to moisture can cause problems in the components of our device. We may not notice them instantaneously, but it is something that in the long run causes an unwanted effect.

If the humidity affects our smartphone, much more if it directly falls into the water. Do an exercise these days and observe how many people become a selfie on the seashore. An oversight or external agent – a child playing with the beach ball – and your device ends under the sea.

Important: In case our phone takes a dip, NEVER TRY TO TURN ON IT TO SEE IF IT WORKS

Before this situation what we have to do is to dry our device with care, soon to put it in a bowl full of rice. You have read well, the rice absorbs very well the humidity. Leaving it there for 2 days maybe we can recover our beloved phone.


Exposure to a heat source, such as the sun, not only affects us. We must protect the phones from the heat and prevent them from receiving the sun directly. Also avoid having to suffer from excessive heat (leave it inside a beach bag in the sun, for example).

The sun will not only prevent us from reading our screen, it will also cause the device to increase its temperature. This can lead to blockages, lower performance and even get a nice notice that we should stop using it.

How to protect your mobile in summer?

The best thing is to leave the house without the cell phone: we will avoid problems and disconnect. If we want to take him to the beach with us without having to worry too much, we must protect him from the elements that threaten him. The affordable option for the whole family is the use of an airtight bag, yes, the ones we use in the kitchen. That way we will keep our phone isolated from anything that could harm you.

If you want something that has more style we recommend the use of a waterproof case, so we can rest assured that nothing will happen to him; Always within limits, of course.


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