Researchers from Google and Microsoft have found a new security flaw that affects a wide range of modern processors from several manufacturers. They have called it “Speculative Store Bypass” or “Variant 4”, since they consider it the fourth variant of the Spectre vulnerability that gave so much to talk about next to Meltdown at the beginning of this 2018.

The new vulnerability also allows a glimpse into the core memory of a processor through speculative execution, and affects Intel, AMD and ARM processors, as well as some IBM processors. We must remember that ARM cores are used in smartphones, tablets and other types of devices, so it has an important potential to reach.

The difference with respect to all the chaos of a few months ago, with the first variants, is that this time the companies have acted with speed, and that along with the news of the discovery of the vulnerabilities has also been announced that the patches to solve them are already on the way and about to arrive

The bad news of all this is that, due to its great similarity with Spectre, patches to mitigate these new vulnerabilities could also affect processor performance and slow down computers. From Intel have already warned that the security update could reduce the performance of their processors between 2 and 8%.

However, there is also another good news thanks to this similarity with previous problems. And is that Intel itself has also ensured that Internet browsers will not be affected by the new vulnerability because the update against Meltdown and Spectre earlier this year has protected against it.


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