5G connectivity is beginning to make its way beyond the high ranges. Qualcomm’s new SoC, called the Snapdragon 690, is the first in the 600 series to feature this capability. With it, brands like Nokia, LG and Motorola will help expand this new connectivity through capable, but also cheaper than high-end products.

This new SoC is capable of connecting to both SA and NSA networks. This means, therefore, that mobiles with the Snapdragon 690 will be able to connect to both the 5G networks currently deployed in some countries and those to come in the future. Snapdragon 690 also supports technologies such as DSS, FDD and TDD. The only absence to be considered is the lack of compatibility with millimeter waves (mmWave), which is present in other more advanced SoCs.

In this case, the 5G modem is the Snapdragon X51. And, unlike the X55 modem in the Snapdragon 865, it is integrated into the SoC itself. That is, the modem is not separated from the rest of the chipset. This philosophy has multiple benefits in terms of energy efficiency, heat dissipation and, above all, in the management of the space available inside a smartphone. And in the price, of course.

Some brands such as LG, Motorola, TCL, Nokia and SHARP have already announced their intention to implement it as soon as it is available in the fall of this year but, as time goes by, many more OEMs will end up using it.


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