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Author: Ramish Zafar

For Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 820 is an important launch; more important than all of its previous launches perhaps. In an industry that’s seeing more and more players pop up, Qualcomm made a mistake at the worst time possible. The Snapdragon 810, which was expected to raise the standards of mobile SoCs all around, ended up failing miserably and had the tag of throttling placed around its neck forever. But the US chipmaking giant was quick to move forward, and take big steps. Not only is the Snapdragon 810 expected to be vastly improved over its previous offering’s, but the processor is also to feature Qualcomm’s first ever custom cores.

SD810 and his successor are NOT so different in terms of HEAT have to WAIT for the 830 (P. Q3-16).to “partially” solve this.. :(

— Ricciolo (@Ricciolo1) July 17, 2015


Tipster Claims Overheating Not Solved On The Snapdragon 820 Either

Well, well, well. Things definitely are going to get interesting for Qualcomm if today’s tip is correct. According to known leaker Riccolo, you might not see the Snapdragon 820 as good as it sounds. Riccolo claims that Qualcomm hasn’t manged to solve the throttling on the Snapdragon 820 either, so anyone looking to fully enjoy a device with a Qualcomm SoC should have to wait for the Snapdragon 830.

While it does sound very intriguing for now, there’s no credible evidence to back up Riccolo’s claim. So it’d be too early to take any word against the Snapdragon 820 right now. The processor is expected to feature four Kryo cores, that when running at peak levels are said to reach frequencies of up to 3 GHz/ Qualcomm’s got a lot riding on the Snapdragon 820, as highlighted above so the manufacturer should be careful cover all ends.

In the odd case that Ricciolo’s words are correct, then times are going to be very very tough for Qualcomm indeed. Our guess is that the processor is facing some issues that should be normal with any chipset’s development. But you never know. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for anything that suggests so. So stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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