The economic Nokia 2 will be the cell phone with the best battery in its catalog

The Nokia 2 is getting closer. It is already certified to operate in the US, and its certification has revealed a huge battery. Much bigger than we can find in that input range.

Although we talk a lot about expensive phones and the latest models, there is life beyond the high end. There are cheaper phones that have day-to-day functions. And all without we have to spend the salary on the phone, now that the flagships are reaching $ 1000 without messing.

The Nokia 2 has not yet arrived, but promises to be the cheapest smartphone among the new Nokia phones. We’ve been talking about rumors around this device for several months. And it may be closer than we think, because the phone is already certified for use in the US.

The Finnish brand’s phone has already gone through the FCC, the US communications agency. And the surprise is among the specifications. The specification indicates that the battery is of 4,000 mAh of capacity, a monstrous capacity and that is not usually seen in this class of devices.

Taking into account that the other specifications will not be very powerful, this phone could have a more than outstanding autonomy. It looks good, but we will have to wait until it reaches our hands to see if it becomes a reality.



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