The information could have been stolen from a Nintendo partner company. Includes schematics, security and source code.

Important documents relating to the design and operation of Nintendo’s longstanding Wii console have been leaked on the Internet and appear to be the result of an attack on the systems of BroadOn, a company that collaborated with Nintendo in the development of Wii hardware and software.

The leak appears to be serious, as highly relevant documents relating to Wii, including the complete source code of its systems, design documentation and all materials relating to the security and other aspects of the console, have begun to appear on the web. The leak is therefore complete, which will no doubt be a concern for the company, even though it has been two generations of systems since Wii was in the shops.

So far no one has claimed that this data was stolen, but they have already started to filter it into various blocks of information across the network including the boot systems, security diagrams, the Verilogs of the components, the operating system SDK and all its source code, etc. Among the data there are BroadOn documents, which has made suspect that the attack and data theft has been produced in their servers.

At the moment it seems that no more current information has been stolen from the company, although it is not ruled out that more details will be leaked in the coming days. It can be assumed that Nintendo will soon initiate legal measures to limit the scope of dissemination of this information and its potential impact on the plans of the company, or its technology partners involved in the design of the system.


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