Lenovo has unveiled its first laptop with 128 GB of RAM, a leap forward compared to what is available in the market.

How much RAM do you really need? That will depend on what you are going to do; Modern operating systems such as Windows 10 or GNU / Linux are able to manage the available memory convincingly.

Currently, most new laptops start from 8 GB (unless they are very low-end models), and that is already considered the minimum you should have in a new computer; although if you are going to play or use large applications, you will probably want 16 GB.

And now Lenovo claims that its ThinkPad P52 will have 128 GB of RAM. Wait a minute, what?

But who needs such a large amount of RAM and storage on a laptop? If we look at the rest of the hardware, we will have the answer.

The ThinkPad P52 has an Intel Xeon processor, six cores; The range of Xeon processors is aimed at professionals and work stations, not the average user.

The graphics is an Nvidia Quadro P3200, which will not be used to play on the 15.6-inch screen and 4K resolution; This range is designed for applications such as CAD. But more interesting is that thanks to this graphics card, the ThinkPad P52 is the first Lenovo workstation certified for virtual reality.

In fact, this laptop lives up to its name ThinkPad, and is aimed at professionals who need a portable device that meets their demands. That allows them to load gigantic files in memory to design industrial parts, for example; or that allows them to connect a virtual reality device to see the plans of the house they have designed from within.

We have no doubt that, sooner or later, 128 GB RAM laptops will be common; because the prices of the RAM memory, and to that really it is not necessary so much quantity for the average user, we can say that the ThinkPad P52 will not mark tendencies in this sense … at least this year.



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