Coffee Lake arrives on desktop PCs, the i7-8700K raises a great choice for gamers

Intel does not seem to want to make too much noise with the eighth generation of Intel Core processors, which has been dubbed the Coffee Lake name. The first models – even within the so-called ‘Kaby Lake Refresh’ – were announced a month ago, and now there is finally a new, much more striking batch.

Among those models are the Core i7-8700K, which will probably become the protagonists in the field of gaming. PC micros come with more cores and better performance in both video games and multitasking environments.

One of the fundamental differences on which this improvement in the multitasking is based is the increase to 6 cores instead of the 4 of the Core i7-7700K: even the new Core i3 jump to the 4 cores, turning them into models more striking for all areas.

The increase of cores, however, has a disadvantage: the base working frequency of these cores is reduced from the 4.2 GHz Core i7-7700K to the 3.8 GHz Core i7-8700K, although the speed maximum exceeds that of its predecessors: 4.7 GHz versus the 4.5 GHz of the 7700K, and all thanks to the so-called Turbo Boost 3.0. Consumption also rises slightly, from 91W to 95W in the case of 8700K.

Prices also rise, and significantly. The Core i7-8700K costs $ 359 for lots of one thousand units for the $ 305 of the 7700K, while the Core i5-8600K costs $ 257, for the $ 217 7600K. In both cases that means an 18% increase in price, which will, together with the price of the motherboard (we will need a motherboard with the new Intel Z370 chipset), update not too cheap.


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