SSDs are increasingly denser and therefore more capable, which is helping to get cheaper units. In fact, this, along with overproduction, are two of the reasons that are causing price declines and that will allow us to continue seeing prices fall even more dramatically during 2019.

Intel has now introduced the world’s strongest and quietest memory storage unit, achieving a total of 32TB of capacity in just 12 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and 0.33 inches thick (30.48 x 3.81 x 0.83 centimeters). In addition to this, this unit has another peculiarity: it stacks the small storage modules as if it were a skyscraper, achieving something very similar (visually) to a rule of just over twelve inches.

For that reason the data also travel faster by this Intel DC P4500 SSD. Intel has explained how the data should only go down and up, like an elevator, and not have to be looking in the “streets”. “A new form factor in itself is not that exciting, usually,” explains Wayne Allen of Intel.

Also, for the same reason (the form factor), it allows for greater processor cooling. But, in case you had not already realized by the great capacity that incorporates and by its form, this SSD is not intended for domestic use, but rather for use in data centers, which continue to depend on hard drives, because the space obtained per dollar invested is greater.

This 32 TB SSD, consisting of 64 layers, seems not yet available, nor is known when it will be; Intel has not disclosed the price, although we think it will not be economical at all.


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