Recent cars have been launched with the famous “smart keys”, that are designed to make life easier because just carrying them in our pocket allows us to open and turn on the vehicle, but the downside of this system is that cases have been reported showing how relatively simple it is to clone these devices.

To join the list of these cases, we have a group of academic hackers who discovered that smart key of the Tesla Model S can be cloned stealthily in seconds, which allows the attacker to open the car, turn it on and drive it without problems.

Researchers at the University KU Leuven in Belgium plan a presentation at the conference “Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems” to reveal the technique to beat the encryption used in the keys of Tesla Model S cars using about USD $ 600 in radio equipment and computation.

The researchers note that their method could also work with McLaren cars and Triumph bikes which use the same manufacturer’s system.

It should be noted that Tesla has been working to increase the safety of their vehicles in response to this investigation, and a couple of weeks ago they launched new anti-theft features for the Model S, such as the ability to establish a PIN code that must be typed in the screen of the car to be able to drive it.


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