Some international media are already reporting that the decision to work remotely due to the expansion of the coronavirus is starting to make laptop stocks scarce. For example, in the United Kingdom, British companies may have difficulty obtaining the equipment necessary for all staff to telework, according to The Telegraph.

If teleworking becomes the norm, companies will need to have a contingency plan in place, not only for virtual access to files and documents by staff, but also for something as essential as work equipment.

It is true that almost any laptop these days works for sending emails, writing documents and doing research on the Internet, but like everything else, travelling in economy class is not the same as travelling in a private jet.

For teleworking, the most basic thing is that the device should be powerful for smooth processes, that it should have good autonomy -that is, ample battery- and also that it should be as light and compact as possible, so that it can be transported and handled well.

All these requirements are met today by almost all current portable devices above $600 and it is not necessary to spend much more to get out of this situation.

Don’t let them take advantage of you with the excuse of the coronavirus.


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