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Author: Hassan Mujtaba

At their E3 conference, yesterday, AMD announced their latest Project Quantum that is a concept PC design that will end up in the consumer market at some point. The Project Quantum custom PC has been designed to use the latest Fiji powered graphics cards and is liquid cooled top-to-bottom. With a size that is close to a modern day console, the small PC will pack enough performance to power 4K gaming at 60 FPS.

AMD Project Quantum_3

AMD Project Quantum Dissected and Detailed – R9 Fury X2 and Core i7 Powered 4K, 16 TFlops Gaming PC

There’s no price or availability date provided for the Quantum PC but just one glance at it makes you want to own one. The Quantum seems like a good but costly contended in the Steam Machines lineup but it is more than that with hardware capable to crunch through 4K Gaming with ease. There are two parts of the Quantum PC. One of the compartment houses the whole liquid cooling assembly while the other houses the hardware that includes the motherboard, processor and the graphics cards. There’s an additional box that houses the power system and used to provide juice to the whole system.

As far as specifications are concerned, AMD confirmed that the Project Quantum PC houses an Intel Core i7 processor. The reason AMD said themselves for using an Intel based processor is that they think that a Intel Core i7 processor is perfect choice for gamers. It could be seen that AMD didn’t make any significant gains in the CPU department and their Zen core doesn’t hits the market until 2016. To make a small form factor design that goes in harmony with their ultra compact Fiji based cards, the Intel Core i7 processor is the perfect companion for this PC. The graphics side will be powered by the company’s latest Radeon R9 Fury X2 graphics cards but the card can also incorporate other Fiji based GPUs in single and dual configurations. This makes the PC, a 16 TFlops compute processing juggernaut. There’s no word on memory, storage and what motherboard has been used but it could be a mini-ITX board with up to 32 GB of memory support. The demo video showed an ASRock Z97 ITX motherboard with a Devil’s Canyon (Core i7-4790K) processor.


“All of the processing technology is in the bottom, in the top we have got all the cooling solutions,” said Chris Hook, director of marketing at AMD. “It is whisper quiet; it is engineered and tooled out of beautiful materials, aluminium and magnesium.”

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The Qunatum PC will be a fully liquid cooled system with a massive area dedicated just to the cooling equipment that is housed inside the top chamber of the case/PC. The PC is aimed to  deliver the best possible VR experiences with AMD LiquidVR technology and 4K Gaming without compromising on the thermals or acoustics. With a total combined power of up to 8.9 TFlops in a single card configuration and up to 17 TFlops in dual card configurations, the Project Quantum PC will be a really interesting and unique offering in the market if it ever shapes up to be a consumer offering.

AMD Project Quantum PC Demo:

AMD Project Quantum PC Demo

AMD Project Quantum PC Design:

AMD Project Quantum ith Dual Fiji GPU

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