The Boston Dynamics robot dog has been the star of many viral videos in recent months, and now they have put it on sale for any company that might need it.

It is sold as the most advanced mobile robot in the world, capable of going virtually anywhere a human can, although its functions are currently very limited (topography and data collection, mainly).

So far we have seen him create 3D maps of construction sites and search for machine errors on offshore oil platforms, although it is also possible to see him in hospitals sorting out patients with COVID-19 or working with a police bomb squad.

It can be customized with different sensors and programmed to perform patrols and inspections, so the possibilities are greater.

The idea is for companies to buy it so that it can go to places where humans do not want or cannot. It could be used, for example, for inspection of sewers, or in very hot places, to film what is inside.

If you’re interested and find it useful, you can find it at but prepare your wallet because the most basic model costs $74,500.


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