Mandatory for all Google employees, these USB keys made by the search giant serve as an additional authentication factor to protect online accounts. It is a simple physical factor for two-factor authentication. It’s basically the equivalent of the bank card you use as a physical factor (something you hold in your hand) along with your password or pin (something you know) to identify yourself.

Of course, the key has its own additional security measures to prevent tampering. The Titans use public key cryptography to verify your identity and the URL of the login page.

These keys are compatible with FIDO standards, a series of security protocols for authentication that were designed to protect the user’s privacy.

Titan keys ultimately add an extra layer of protection to all your accounts. With any two-factor authentication method, you’re adding extra security, because if an attacker manages to get your login information, they won’t be able to access it without the second factor.

In this case that second factor would be the Titan key. This means that you, or anyone else, will need to know your credentials and have physical access to the key in order to access your accounts, whether you connect via USB, NFC, or Bluetooth.

The Titan can be used with any platform where FIDO security keys support two-factor authentication (2FA). Including personal and professional accounts from Google, 1Password, Bitbucket, Bitfinex, Coinbase, Dropbox, Facebook, GitHub, Salesforce, Stripe, Twitter and more.

Although Google recommends its use mainly to those users more likely to suffer attacks, such as activists, journalists, executives, IT administrators, etc. The Titan can serve as a security layer for any user concerned about their information who wants to protect themselves from phishing attacks.

If you want to get one you can go to the official Google store right away and pay around fifty dollars, depending on the version you choose, as there is a pack with a Bluetooth/NFC/USB key and another USB-A/NFC key, and there is also the Titan USB-C that will be available soon.


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