Without prior notice, Nintendo has just announced the launch of its new Labo kit, which will bring us the first virtual reality experiences for the Switch.

Without many details of what these experiences will look like or what the specifications of all this will be, the first images let us see something very similar to the Google Cardboard, which needed a smartphone to show content in virtual reality, and which were also made of cardboard.

For those who do not remember, Nintendo Labo are those interactive experiences in cardboard in which we have to assemble devices according to the designs, and placed on the Nintendo Switch, offering us a new form of game that takes advantage of the benefits of the console .

After the launch of the first experiences a year ago, today Nintendo is presenting its new Labo VR Kit, which in turn will feature five new virtual reality games: a camera, a viewfinder, a space rifle, a bird and an elephant

It will be on sale in two versions: one that will include the five experiences plus the glasses and a kind of safety cap; while the other will only include the glasses, the safety cap and an experience. In both cases the cartridge with the games, the step by step instructions and the garage mode (to create our own Labo experiences) are included.

The virtual reality glasses will only be compatible with the compatible games included in the Labo kit, so it will not be possible to use them with the current games of the console, at least not for the moment.

The kit that includes everything will cost $79.99, while the kit that includes only one experience, which in this case is the space rifle, will cost $39.99. For those who purchase the simple kit, they can buy additional experiences for $19.99.

The new Nintendo Labo: VR Kit will go on sale next April 12.


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