More and more brands are betting on the manufacture of their wireless headphones, a gadget with a strong pull in the market for mobile phone accessories thanks in part to the success of Apple’s Airpods. For this reason, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has released a new model that is second to none to the company run by Tim Cook.

These are the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless, a device with Bluetooth 4.2 connection whose price reaches 80 dollars on the official website, although in Amazon can be found slightly cheaper. In both cases it is quite far from the 179 euros that can cost Apple headphones.

The white color of the headphones and their appearance are reminiscent of the famous Airpods, their main competitor in the market. Compatible with iOS and Android devices – it works for mobile phones as well as tablets and computers – these headphones are characterized by being quite light (5.8 g each headset) and have a range of up to 3 hours of continuous playback after a full charge (1 hour, depending on the manufacturer).

The case has an internal battery and is charged via a USB type C port. It also features an ergonomic design and silicone pads to reduce outside noise. They are also water resistant with an IPX4 rating, so they can be used when playing sports as they are protected against splashes.

However, although its operation is quite intuitive – as explained on its official website – and gives acceptable sound quality, the biggest criticism is the delay between sound and image when it comes to playing multimedia content.


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