This great TV is a C Seed 262, the 262-inch 4K model from C Seed, a manufacturer of this type of outdoor screens and total luxury for the homes of the rich and famous. Something like the Rolls-Royce of televisions.

The C Seed 262 measures six meters wide and two and a half meters high, so it is not made for “any house” – better that yours has “high ceilings”. In fact, not for any wall, because as it weighs 800 kg it is probably better to ask a specialized engineer before it collapses.

The resolution of this mega-ultra-screen curiously is nothing extraordinary: UHD 4K, more exactly 4096 x 1716 pixels, that even seem to be scarce. As for the audio is equipped with between 6 and 10 loudspeakers, according to versions, configurable as 7.1 or 9.1 surround. A Donald Trump style bonus is a kind of cloth canvas that goes up and down like a shutter, powered by an electric motor.

For the development of this screen, the Austrians of C Seed have allied with the designers of Porsche Design. The frames are small, but in such a large size they are almost insignificant.

The TV has LED technology that ensures a maximum contrast of 5.000: 1 and 800 nits of brightness, very striking numbers for something so great.

Of course, this beast has a price, and that price is not small: $ 600,000, which can and should add up to $ 50,000 extra from the custom installation. In other words: the television costs more than a family home and installation more than the salary of a technician for a full year.


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