Both the Galaxy S8 and the S8 + are full of interesting details. One of the highlights? The AKG headphones with a value of 99 dollars.

Beyond the main features, the Galaxy S8 is full of small details that will probably have gone unnoticed. Among them are differences in the thickness, in the battery or the excellent pair of headphones that Samsung has decided to include in the case of Galaxy S8.

  • It is thicker than its predecessor. 8.1 mm for the S8 + and 8 mm for the S8. 7.7 mm the S7 Edge and 7.9 mm for the S7. The main reason? The fingerprint reader, now located in the back area.
  • The S8 + battery is smaller than the S7 Edge battery. 3,500 mAh and 3600 mAh. The lower capacity of the battery, however, should not affect the autonomy of the phone thanks to the 10 nanometers of the Exynos 8895.
  • It has an audio jack. So is. The S8 has a 3.5 mm jack for headphones. At the moment, Samsung dodges the fashion initiated by Motorola, Apple and HTC.
  • DeX has a fan. Curious. The dock has a fan that cools the mobile when used as a computer. In a fanless world, Samsung has been forced to include one in its dock.
  • The main camera is the same as the S7. Indeed, same set as the Galaxy S7. Samsung ensures that the software has been upgraded. For the moment, no double cameras or better openings.
  • It arrives with headphones with the signature of AKG (Harman). These headphones are priced at $ 99. One step forward in audio quality compared to previous headphones.


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