The consulting company eMarketer had long ago, so much confidence in smart watches as many other companies, analysts and media. These devices have been losing strength with the passage of time, and this is evident in sales that have been decreasing and will do more in the future.

These are at least the conclusions of the latest study of this consulting company, according to which smartwatch have a price increasingly difficult to justify. Many are around $ 200, which is what many smartphones of an increasingly attractive entry range also cost.

The forecasts are not good

At the end of 2015 eMarketer indicated that these devices would grow 60% in sales in the United States in 2016, but they only grew by 24.7%.

Things do not seem to improve in the future: in 2018 they will grow by 11.9%, and in the next few years that growth will continue to fall to one digit figures in 2019.

The salvation of the sector, they say, is in the monitoring functions of physical activity. It is where both Apple and other manufacturers have added more and more features, but even with these functions seem to pose a remarkable growth.

The complement of the 200 dollars that does not interest anyone

It was hard to defend the smart watch as a Christmas gift last year. It is a device that does not solve any pressing problem, although it is a complement undoubtedly interesting in the area of ​​health and physical monitoring.

A year after that plea, the situation has not changed. Apple has launched an Apple Watch Series 3 that gave the option of LTE connectivity without attracting attention as expected – their watches dominate, but also suffer in this market – while Google has barely paid attention to Android Wear.

Manufacturers have slowed their rate of releases -some like Huawei say they do not see any sense-, and in fact few have offered new features in this regard. The Samsung Gear Sport and LG Watch Sport have tried to provide more “sporting” solutions in this regard, while the manufacturers of sports wristbands have been offering products increasingly ambitious and closer to proposals such as the Apple Watch.


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