In the last hours Amazon has introduced a series of devices for the home like the new Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Show or the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite. But in addition to all these, there are also several home surveillance cameras under the Ring brand (a company owned by Amazon). Of all of them, none is as curious as the Ring Always Home Cam, a drone that flies autonomously and records what it sees.

Ring Always Home Cam has the purpose of recording the entire home and showing images to the user from any part of the house. For this purpose and unlike other security cameras, it is not a fixed camera in a corner of the room. Instead it is a small drone that is capable of flying just inside the house to capture images of any room and space. All this is done autonomously and once it has finished recording the desired location it returns to its base to recharge the battery.

If we look at its design, it is a cube with rounded corners and two main pieces. The white bottom is the base and its main mission is to keep the camera when it is at rest and recharge it. The upper part is smaller and lighter, with a T-shape and four propellers. The propellers are located inside a frame so that they do not collide and break anything, while the “stick” of the T is used to place the surveillance camera itself.

Although the camera is completely autonomous, the user can indicate which routes can be taken and which places can be reached inside the house. The first time you use the Ring Always Home Cam it creates a map of the whole house and assigns names to each room, so you can then be asked to go and see what is going on in the kitchen for example. In addition to flying when prompted, the drone can also automatically go to see what has happened in a particular location if any other Ring device connected in the home detects movement, sound or other alarms somewhere in the home.

Privacy is a key aspect in this kind of devices (and Ring has precisely some controversy about it), so Amazon has insisted that Ring Always Home Cam only records when it is flying because when it is on the base the camera is completely covered inside. In addition, they say that the fact that it is a noisy drone also has the function of warning that it is recording.

In short, it is a curious security camera that allows you to check almost any point in the home without having to install multiple cameras everywhere. It can be especially useful to check from outside the house if for example an appliance has been turned off or not, or if the pet is okay. Anyway we will know more about this camera once it arrives to the market, because for now it is only a preview and it is expected to arrive definitely next year, with a price of 250 dollars in the United States.


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