A dongle is a USB device which allows users to access the internet remotely via a 3G broadband connection. This plug-in is also referred to as Internet Stick, USB modem, USB, USB network adapter, and mobile broadband stick in different countries. People who are looking for a device which they can use to access the Internet from any location, a dongle come in handy. There are, however, various pros and cons of using a dongle.

Pros of Using a Dongle

1. Portability

Dongles have always been in high demand as they are small and portable pocket devices which can be carried along to any location. Many people, especially those who work online, find the use of dongles to access the internet as the best choice since they have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. In developing countries where there is limited access to public Wi-Fi, you can use a dongle by just plugging on your laptop or tablet.

2. Data Safety

Cybercrime has been on the rise over the past few years, and people who use the internet to access or send sensitive information are avoiding open network sources to stay away from hackers. Using a dongle provides security whereby a web user can access the internet without having to worry about being spied by hackers.

3. Easy Installation

Using a dongle does not require technical knowledge but only some basic computer skills. The process of installing the dongle software on your device is self-explanatory as you are directed to all the steps which you should follow by simple clicks on your mouse or touch on your smartphone or tablet device. No additional hardware or software needs to be purchased so as to use a dongle on your laptop or tablet, and this makes the USB on-the-go installation process convenient as compared to using fibre cables.

4. Universal Use

Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) do not restrict their dongles to work solely on their networks. In rare cases when the gadgets are ‘boxed’ to a particular network provider, they can be easily unlocked for use with all other available networks. Having dongles that can be utilised globally enables users to carry their devices to foreign countries and consequently reduce the cost of having to buy a new gadget whenever they are visiting different regions.

Cons of Using Dongles

1. Access Speed Limits

Dongles have a limit in their connecting speeds depending on various factors as defined by the Internet Service Providers. This factor of capping rates may not favour different people who need high internet connection depending on the nature of their online work. Individuals who need fast speeds may find the use of dongles inconvenient, especially when live streaming or downloading large files from the internet.

2. Unstable Network Connection

Network strength plays a significant role in the use of dongles, and it varies from one place to another. Users may find dongles inconvenient to use when they are in areas with little strength 3G network connection, like in places where there are large buildings obstructing network or low grounds. Before purchasing a dongle, users may be compelled to conduct research on the signal strength in their places of work to ascertain that they can use the device without experiencing low speeds.

3. No Traffic Maintenance

There are situations when there is a network downtime when using dongles and users may decide to contact their internet providers for a solution. The ISPs, however, cannot be of much help in such cases and the users can only be obligated to change their physical locations so as to receive better signals on their dongles. This lack of traffic maintenance makes dongles very inconvenient for people who need to stay online at all times.

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