It’s a tough job to stay active and attentive in the office. Amidst the paperwork and the meetings, the long hours of idle and wait time are what mostly kills the spirit of the 9 to 5 job. With a little bit of cleaning and organising around the cubicle and a little aid from a number of these simple but helpful office gadgets, you might just make it out alive by keeping your sanity in the office space.

Desk Teamaker

The long hours force people to stay up at night and get up early in the morning. People who need their daily fix usually bring a coffee to go or take to the office kettle to brew their instant dose of caffeine. The T2 Teamaker is a compact and sleek gadget that lets you make tea in the comfort of your own cubicle. With its incredible portable size, you can boil tea at work without having to bring a kettle. Take the step to move past the dangers of caffeine, which involves, jitteriness, anxiety, and high heart rate, and stick to a healthier and portable alternative with tea.

Fidget objects

Though a relative downgrade from the previous item, fidget objects are simple yet effective. Move over future gadgets with your high definition cameras and video games, the office space has no place for you. When stuck within three walls and nothing but the computer screen staring at your face, a simple fidget cube or fidget spinner is a cheap and effective way to pass the time in the little corner of your world. A fidget cube beats the act of pen-clicking and stress ball dribbling which are sure to annoy your neighbors. Waiting for an important e-mail but can’t get up? Staring at your upload to finish? Counting the minutes till lunch break? A cheap but effective fidget gadget can save you from stress and boredom.

Ear buds

Wasn’t expecting ear buds at the end of the list? Well I’ve got news for you, productivity in the office all comes down to focus, and when it comes to getting you focused it’s all about finding your quiet place. Instead of suggesting one of the many music gadgets on the market to get you ‘in the mood’ to work, QuietOn Earbuds get you there without the playlist and making sure that you’re in the zone away from your neighbor’s typing and chatting, the ventilation’s hum, and the ringing of phones every now and then. Being able to cancel 40 decibels of noise from around you, you’ll be sure to have your own personal space, making you work faster without the usual distractions that go around the office space.

You will benefit from these helpful office gadgets and before you know it, it’ll be the end of the workday.


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