Oculus Virtual Reality glasses will no longer support separate user accounts, forcing the use of Facebook user accounts. The company, owned by Facebook Inc, has announced that, as of January 1, 2023, there will no longer be support for standalone user accounts.

In this transition process, those who are already users of Oculus devices and have separate accounts will have the option to merge their accounts with those they have on Facebook, or continue to use the separate user accounts for two years.

After that date, those who have not merged their accounts will be able to continue using their devices, albeit in a limited way, so to have a complete experience, they will need to use a Facebook account.

In addition, future Oculus devices will require the use of a Facebook account, even if a separate Oculus account is already available. And with respect to purchased applications and games, the company states that

Of course, Oculus is trying to justify this important change with childish arguments, but the reality is that it is trying to indiscriminately increase the collection of user data and to swell the players’ advertising profiles in order to include ads in virtual reality games. This type of linkage will also involve the exposure of personal data and game activity on Facebook.

Sure, there will be an option to send an email and have that option turned off in a tiny section of the giant Facebook terms and conditions, but looking at how they have behaved so far, this move does not bode well.

On the other hand, they are working to enable Oculus device users to share them with family and friends, each logging in with their respective Facebook accounts.

This change will be reflected in the new privacy policy and community standards, which will be managed directly by Facebook instead of its subsidiaries.


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