Japanese video game giant Nintendo plans to launch a cheaper version of its Switch console designed for portable use in the autumn, according to the local business newspaper Nikkei.

The model can be attached to the dock and connected to the TV as the original model, detailed in an article that addresses the company’s upcoming plans.

According to Nikkei, Nintendo’s next step after the launch of the most economical model will be the development of a next-generation device that will mark “a complete change from the current hardware model,” although the process is at such an early stage that it is not clear who will lead its creation. This Switch console would be more powerful and oriented to avid gamers.

The new Switch models would reach the market more than two years after the launch in March 2017 of the last large-format platform of the Japanese giant. The Switch functions as a home console when connected to television via a dock, but also as a portable device once separated from it.


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