If there is something that Apple has highlighted in recent years is to have marked a trend in the world of headphones. AirPods have become one of the most attractive products of the company. It has been a product with a good satisfaction rate among its users.

The price has always been an economic barrier for these devices, so several brands have tried to take the concept to a lower price.

Xiaomi has already released its first version of the AirPods some time ago, and today they have presented a second model. These headphones are completely wireless, and have a design much more like Apple headphones.

They are very light headphones, with a weight of 5.8 grams for each ear. Between the two headphones and the battery add a weight of 58 grams. The headphones are charged inside the box itself, which has an integrated battery that can be charged by a USB port C. With 1 hour of charging we will have 3 hours of battery. The box provides 10 extra hours of cargo.

They have high quality sound, through the use of the Bluetooth AAC codec. They also have active noise cancellation ENC, tactile gestures and voice assistant. The brand places a special emphasis on its own AI. We would not be surprised if it also worked with Siri and Google Assistant as we have seen in other devices (Beats X or Surface Headphones call Google Assistant on Android), but this feature is still too early to confirm.

These Xiaomi AirPods are already available in China, at a price of 399 yuan, which at the moment equals about 58 dollars. It is important to consider is the official price in China, so that through import stores would have a higher price.


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