Neuron EV is a new Californian company that promises to manufacture electric trucks and pickups in the future. At the beginning of November they announced their existence with renders and without details, where the objective was to anticipate Elon Musk and the launch of Tesla Cybertruck. It didn’t work for them, as few media took up the information.

Now with the details of the Cybetruck, which has been a success with more than 250,000 reservations, today Neuron returns to the battle, and does so with the first details of its Neuron T/One, which will be its electric pickup, and most importantly: real photos of the first prototype.

The first thing that stands out about this Neuron T/One is its design, since besides it looks like a pickup, it has aggressive lines under a futuristic aesthetics and that, at least in the photos, looks practical.

Neuron seeks to compete in this market of electric pickups against the attractive Rivian, the classic Ford and GM, as well as Tesla and its controversial design. To stand out from the rest, Neuron claims to be betting not only on design, but on exclusive features and functions that would help add value to their proposal.

So far the company has been cautious about prices and launch dates, as they mention that they will first seek to test and further develop their technology to be able to offer a quality product in the not too distant future.


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