About four years ago, Peter Chou, founder and CEO of HTC and in charge of creating the popular HTC Vive, left the company. In 2017, Chou founded XRSPACE, a company whose goal is to bring mixed reality to the masses. Three years later, the firm has announced its plans for the future: a virtual world called Manova, avatars faithful to our appearance, and cheap, wireless virtual reality glasses with which to access it. A large social network based on virtual reality, a new and virtually unlimited world.

To enter this world you need the XRSPACE Mova, a wireless virtual reality glasses equipped with 5G connectivity and an optical recognition system. They are priced at $599 and will be available from the third quarter of 2020. Inside these glasses we find a Snapdragon 845 processor, 6 GB of RAM and a camera system that will take care of absolutely everything.

However, the hardware is not the most striking. What is striking is the world that XRSPACE proposes to access through them. In this virtual world we will embody our avatar. We will create him with a selfie and the software will take care of recreating him inside the platform. In this way, the company seeks to make it faithful to our person and not a random doll with certain features. It does not reach the photorealism that the movie ‘Ready Player One’ proposes, but it is a kind of vitaminized SIMS.

Manova is an open world, in the sense that any XRSPACE partner can develop content for its own game? social network? The fact is that companies such as Angry Birds, AirPano, Resolution Games, Magic Horizons, Digital Domain, Iconic Engine, iStaging and Futuretown have developed activities for the game, such as playing ‘Angry Birds’, navigating the AirPano panoramic landscapes and other activities. The necessary SDK for programming is now available.

The company has confirmed that Manova will soon begin operations in Taiwan, which will later reach Europe, then the United States and finally the rest of the world. There are no exact dates, although during the presentation they have been very optimistic; from the company’s website they have already prepared a form to make a pre-purchase.


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