Hi-Lite Piano for learning to play real piano

On the Internet we can find many tools to facilitate the process of learning to play the piano. Despite this, most of them are software-based and are not physical devices. For this reason, the Piano Hi-Lite has attracted attention, a device that we can place on any 88-key piano to learn how to play it correctly.

Once placed on the piano, the device is responsible for transforming the instrument into an intelligent piano that will help beginners to start playing their first songs. If you look at the technology found inside the device, Piano Hi-Lite has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and micro USB, LED lights (to be used as a guide) and advanced sensors (used to know which keys to play) .

Piano Hi-Lite works together with an application, so we only have to select the song that we would like to learn to play in order to get the necessary instructions. In addition, the app offers interactive games with which to soften the learning process.

The interest generated by Hi-Lite Piano has been quite high. In fact, with 25 days to close the funding campaign, its creators have raised more than 60,000 of the $ 20,000 needed to bring the project to life. Hi-Lite Piano will be marketed for an approximate price of $ 249 and will be available from November. You can check all the information on the campaign website.


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