JBL is announcing the upcoming launch of what would be the first headphones capable of recharging their battery through sunlight or artificial light, all without even having to plug them in. At least this is what JBL promises, which if true would be a dream come true. They are called JBL Reflect Eternal and up to this point there is no way to verify that these headphones fulfill what they promise.

Wireless headphones offer many advantages, such as the simple freedom to be wireless, but one of its biggest problems in autonomy, which forces us to be recharging from time to time interrupting our music sessions. JBL claims to have found the solution with the Eternal Reflect, which promises that we will have “virtually unlimited” music playback.

The headphones have a solar panel on the headband, which is based on a technology known as Powerfoyle and was developed by the Swedish company Exeger. What is attractive about Powerfoyle is that they claim that it is capable of generating energy not only when the panel is exposed to sunlight, but also to artificial light, albeit to a lesser extent.

As for the rest of the specifications, JBL mentions that the Reflect Eternal connect to any device via Bluetooth, have a 700 mAh battery and there is the option of charging them via USB cable. According to the company, these headphones offer up to 24 hours of autonomy with the battery fully charged, something that sounds really incredible (if it is true).

According to the company, Eternal Reflects can be charged by cable in about two hours, but when we decide to charge them with sunlight the autonomy time varies depending on how long we are outdoors. Here JBL offers figures that so far are not possible to verify and that on paper look somewhat incredible. For example, two hours a day in the open air will give us up to 168 hours of playback time.

The curious thing is that JBL is using crowdfunding to make its Reflect Eternals a reality, the reason? “Take advantage of a platform that welcomes new ideas and innovations, and that allows consumers to give an early response to this concept,” as the company explains. For the moment, JBL Reflect Eternal is available through Indiegogo at a price of 144 dollars for those who support the campaign. Deliveries are scheduled for October 2020. The goal was 500 headphones, which has already been surpassed.


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