As some mobile phones soar in size & get more complicated, is essential to carefully choose devices that add versatility & convenience to everyday life. The ‘Zanco tiny t2’ is an all in one mobile phone that is cram packed with features for work, travel & down time.

The ‘Zanco tiny t2’ claims to be the world’s smallest 3G phone. It has the power to satisfy all of your daily demands. It is the ultimate answer to any situation where using a large & heavy phone would be inconvenient. With the ability to take colour pictures, listen to FM Radio, play MP3 & MP4 files, play retro games, have an alarm clock, calendar, an SOS Feature and of course, talk & text and much more. Large files are never a problem, thanks to its ability to store a Micro SD Card of up to 32GB.

“Smartphones are powerful but can be cumbersome & distracting when used in meetings, for travel or in leisure time. We created the Zanco tiny t2 to be the perfect bridge between a smartphone & a lightweight, unobtrusive Mobile Phone with essential features. It keeps you connected yet allows you to focus on the task at hand. It has over 14 features crammed into its small casing but with 3G we are very proud with the outcome! It’s been difficult to create but we are very excited to add the tiny t2 to our family.” Said Shazad, Founder of Zanco.

The compact form factor makes the ‘Zanco Tiny t2’ the ultimate back up phone for travel, outdoor activities, cycling, jogging, at the gym, emergency situations or anywhere that your large smartphone would be ungainly. It includes the most essential phone functions, such as calls, messages & a camera and video recorder.

The ‘Zanco Tiny t2’ also includes dual front & rear cameras and because it’s so user friendly taking spontaneous photos & those all important ‘selfies’ is a snap! Photos can be stored using the on-board SD Card or can be transferred to your smartphone. Other features include an FM Radio, MP3/MP4, 3.5 Headset Slot & Retro Gaming! With the launch of so many retro games they’ve included a few to get you started!

Designed as an everyday carry item & a professional tool, the ‘Zanco Tiny t2’ includes a rechargeable battery that provides six hours of use time & seven days of standby time, when fully charged. Now that’s piece of mind.

This makes it the perfect addition to your primary phone. This is where Shazad, CEO of Zanco Phones Ltd comes into his own! After ‘shrinking’ the mobile phone to the world’s smallest phone, first time around, he has now created the latest addition to the world of mobile phones.

The ‘Zanco Tiny t2’ is now available on Kickstarter with special pricing for early adopters. To learn more about the Zanco Tiny t2 & see its full features & specifications, visit the campaign here:


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