Alexa, the smart assistant of Amazon for months has implemented an aggressive positioning strategy, with the intention of expanding its presence to almost any platform that can support it, but now everything indicates that this would correspond to a somewhat turbid interest by Its creators.

A report from The Information has turned on the alarm signals, after interviewing a former Alexa developer who revealed that Amazon’s associates actually only have access to a tiny fraction of the information collected by the device.

That statement opened the immediate doubt about the actual amount of data taken by Alexa, and the privacy of the data. Under the serious approach that the wizard could be recording at all times its users.

Amazon reacted quickly and showed its official position, noting that it only shares data with third parties after its users have ratified their express consent to do so.

This is a common legal exit, although most times, in order to use a device, the user is forced to accept the terms and conditions of the product or service, and that can include cleaning public toilets. If you can not believe it, take a look here.

For now, the official position is that Alexa does not record or store any data beyond what is said after activating the wizard through a voice command.

Although there is already a serious doubt about it.


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