From time to time you read some controversy about the time workers spend in the bathroom. With the idea of reducing that supposed rest, a startup has invented a particularly uncomfortable toilet.

The British company StandardToilet has invented a toilet with a 13-degree slope, which makes it unpleasant in the first place and unbearable beyond 5 minutes.

According to the Daily Mail, the company claims that the posture is more beneficial to health, but it has also made no secret of its aim to prevent people from sitting too long.

The toilet is priced at between $200 and $650 and they have proposed its initial distribution in public buildings and service stations, so they are contacting local authorities.

However, their aim is to make businesses the main customers. The words of the startup’s CEO collected by Wired are enlightening: “The main beneficiaries are the companies, not the employees”. And he clarifies to ensure the message: “It saves them money”.

In general, the reception of the invention has caused as much derision as concern about the drift of some companies. If there are supermarkets that have forced cashiers to wear diapers, or if it is known that some large companies control the time in the bathroom, this kind of invention only makes those approaches more permanent.

It is not known whether this uncomfortable toilet will remain a mere anecdote or spread through the companies, but it is sure that it is not well received by the users.


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