To be a good youtuber you do not have to invest money in a big studio in the city or elsewhere, because from your own home you can create videos as a professional to climb positions among the best vloggers in your category.

Therefore, we have compiled a series of tips to facilitate the installation of a studio to upload clips to YouTube. You’ll see that every recommendation is nothing extraordinary and not extremely expensive either. Here are the main recommendations.

Lighting first

Lighting is indispensable in a good quality studio. In professional studios and youtubers of all kinds you can see how a couple of spotlights help to illuminate the stage and the vlogger. And even if you think that these can cost a full salary, you should know that you can find quite cheap offers in Amazon or another store. A kit with two 50 x 70 centimetre lighting frames costs around $70. With these at home, you’ll feel quite a professional youtuber.

The camera, vital for a good quality (but a mobile also works)

A professional camera together with a stabilizer will be your best ally to record from a central point as if you were broadcasting a newscast. However, using your mobile phone is also highly recommended if it has a good resolution. Medium and high-end smartphones are the best alternative, and if you accompany it with a 3-axis stabilizer such as the Smooth-Q from Zhiyun, you won’t have any problems when it comes to recording.

The sound

Whichever option you’re going to use, it would be appropriate for you to use a lapel microphone so that the audio is crystal clear. In Amazon there is quite cheap and high quality devices like the AGPTEK Z02 or the K&F, two microphones that can be obtained for less than $20. Both are compatible with mobile phones, laptops and professional cameras. It’s important to have a USB to Jack adapter in case your phone doesn’t have one.

The studio Background

The white background is the main option you should consider for your study. With this, you make sure you have a more elegant and professional video in which you can stand out with a shirt (not the same color, of course).

Table and other ideas

Placing a table in front of the camera, a plant, a stage that doesn’t require so much work and without any kind of noise that disturbs your recording, can complement the studio like a professional youtuber. Although they may seem like minor things, you have to bear in mind that the details make the difference, and that’s where you should put the most emphasis.


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