Over time, small holes in the mobile phone, such as the charging port, end up accumulating dust and other debris that can cause the device not to function as it should. These tips for effective and easy cleaning will get your smartphone back to normal charging.

The first method of cleaning would be through the use of a used toothbrush, preferably soft-bristled, to remove all dirt accumulated in the hole. To do this, we recommend doing it with care to not damage the inside of the loading port and always work in a well-lit space.

Compressed air would be the second choice for cleaning. This product, sold in cans, is also used to clean dust from other devices such as computers and their keyboards. By pointing the tube at the orifice, but not too close, the dirt can be removed in a few seconds.

As a third way, if the above fails and the phone does not charge properly, you can always go to a professional from a specialized store who will disassemble the device completely and clean it properly.


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