While video games were a matter for teenagers, the decoration of rooms for gamers was an irrelevant issue, since simply, the child was adapting his bedroom to the devices he was buying. As time goes by, many of these teenagers are now the parents who rule their homes and can now afford to dedicate a room to video games.


The space plays a determining factor when decorating a gamer room, the ideal is a large place. It is very important to think and rethink how to use the spaces and choose the right equipment for the size of the room.
Since the volume of video games should not going to be excessively high and the decoration itself already dampens the reflected sounds, it is not necessary to install acoustic insulation or absorbent panels, typical of sound studios.
For the floor, there are many valid options but engineered wood flooring is the best one because, in addition to not increasing the cost and being aesthetically very attractive, it provides electrical insulation, which is highly recommended in domestic installations.


The color of the room plays a very important role because the light tones will give you more sense of spaciousness and freshness if you do not have too much space, preferably pastel or matte tones.

Lighting and ventilation

The use of air conditioning or fans is essential, since the use of electronic devices generates a lot of heat and must be considered as a place where the gamer will spend much of his leisure time and probably in the company of others.

If the room has large windows, it is advisable to place soft curtains or blinds that prevent the reflection of light that may bother but does not prevent ventilation of the area.
These curtains are essential if it is not possible to place the screens perpendicular to the windows.

Game controller

Electronic devices

Because computers and game consoles require many cables to work, it is necessary to have strips and plan some kind of fastening so that the cables are tidy and do not reach the ground.

It should be considered that, because it is a room where the predominant factor is the use of electronic equipment, it must also have as many plugs as necessary, since apart from the equipment connected to the current, other sockets will also be necessary to recharge the batteries of the accessories, thus avoiding suspending the game when it is more exciting because a battery discharge occurred.


Remember that building your own cave is not something to do overnight, but that’s the best! Think of it as a long-term project, something you build little by little. Each time you add something, you’ll find yourself more and more comfortable and proud. Take it easy and remember that you don’t have to spend a million dollars to have a gaming room that will make your friends drool.

You’ll see how, when you find yourself in a space set up to enhance the gaming experience, that’s exactly what’s going to happen!


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